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  1. Erlang vs Scala

    ср 24 октября 2018,

    [10:59] z-b>
    [10:59] z-b> :)))))))))))))))))
    [11:00] z-b> хайлод уровня бэ
    [11:05] Чубака> z-b: umeshu na 1 shared hosting  na erlange
    [11:06] z-b> Чубака: v 0.7 na scale
    [11:06] Чубака> skala tam daje ne zapustitsya
    [11 …
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  2. PG Bundle - All you need is Postgres

    вс 25 июня 2017,

    I'm a huge fan of PostgreSQL. It's an open source RDBMS that makes MongoDB obsolete. But lack of information for new people who are in the beginning of their career makes it hard to get started with PostgreSQL and let MongoDB take that big slice of users.

    I decided to …

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  3. What it takes to be productive?

    чт 08 декабря 2016,

    During all your career, while working for an employer or running your own business, you will always have a manager or be managing somebody. I, as a huge fun of productivity, trying to find ways to be as productive as possible and achieve more in shortest period of time. Productivity …

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  4. 10 things about 2016

    чт 01 декабря 2016,

    How I spent this summ^Wyear.

    1. I started this year completely burned out by working 16+ hours/day, combining daily work and a side project.

    2. Visited Portland and San Diego for the first time with friends, 12 hours of driving San Diego-Oakland was fun but very tiring - would never do …

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  5. AIPromo - From Idea to Product

    вт 25 октября 2016,

    Automation is great, it makes your life easy and freeing a lot of time.

    AIPromo ( is a free AI powered content management tool. AIPromo's goal is to increase your personal brand and online presence on LinkedIn without doing anything, aka personal branding for lazy.

    This project started …

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  6. 2014-2015

    чт 01 января 2015,

    2014 Summary

    • 1st year in the USA. Life here feels simple and sometimes boring
    • Silicon Valley is a cold place
    • Marketing is hard
    • Sales is hard
    • Mustang is awesome
    • Walking to the work is better than driving. Daily driving is boring
    • Work in the office > Remote work
    • Los Angeles is …
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  7. crashkeeper

    пт 21 февраля 2014, tags: erlangprojectsdev

    CrashKeeper is a web service for collecting exceptions, logs and other things happened in your application.

    The main point of the CrashKeeper - deep understanding of your information, such like logs with custom user-based parsers for their logs, better understanding language dependents (WOW ERLANG, SUCH CLOJURE) exceptions and messages (hello Sentry …

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