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  1. crashkeeper

    пт 21 февраля 2014, tags: erlangprojectsdev

    CrashKeeper is a web service for collecting exceptions, logs and other things happened in your application.

    The main point of the CrashKeeper - deep understanding of your information, such like logs with custom user-based parsers for their logs, better understanding language dependents (WOW ERLANG, SUCH CLOJURE) exceptions and messages (hello Sentry …

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  2. 10 Erlang one liners to impress your friends

    пн 28 мая 2012, tags: erlang

    1. Multiple Each Item in a List by 2

    [X * 2 || X <- lists:seq(1, 11)].

    2. Sum a List of Numbers

    lists:sum(lists:seq(1, 1001)).

    3.Verify if Exists in a String

    Wordslist = ["scala", "akka", "play framework", "sbt", "typesafe"].
    Tweet = "This is an example tweet talking about …
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