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чт 01 января 2015,

2014 Summary

  • 1st year in the USA. Life here feels simple and sometimes boring
  • Silicon Valley is a cold place
  • Marketing is hard
  • Sales is hard
  • Mustang is awesome
  • Walking to the work is better than driving. Daily driving is boring
  • Work in the office > Remote work
  • Los Angeles is a fun place
  • Montreal (Canada) is a fun place
  • Miami is boring, like Thailand
  • "Walking Dead" is awesome. Will watch
  • "Breakind Bad" is interesting during only first 2 seasons
  • Erlang is a very productive language
  • CoffeScript need better tools

2015 Plans

  • Keep working on English
  • Go to gym again
  • Decide the career growth direction
  • Keep working on Get more users and get user who are paying
  • Start one more side-project
  • Visit Russia
  • Visit Mexico
  • Visit Seattle
  • Visit US Pycon
  • Learn marketing

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