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What it takes to be productive?

чт 08 декабря 2016,

During all your career, while working for an employer or running your own business, you will always have a manager or be managing somebody. I, as a huge fun of productivity, trying to find ways to be as productive as possible and achieve more in shortest period of time. Productivity is always coming along with the satisfaction, the more you productive the more satisfied you feel. It works for anybody, whether you’re manager or individual contributor.

Last night (December 8th), at LeadGenius office, we had Julie Ann Horvath, Designer, Developer who gave a very interesting talk about developing good working relationships and navigating difficult situations in the workplace.

And I want to share one top thing I learned about productivity and work relationships.

What will make you (manager, contributor) make the most productive:

To all: Ask your colleague what they want? How they prefer to communicate and tell how do you prefer to communicate.

To contributors: Be proactive (share anything you learned with your manager, share some extra information that you think would be useful, that will help you to build a better relationship)

To managers: Brag about your team, share extra stats about implemented features, finished projects, productivity, it will make your team feel better and appreciated.

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