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AIPromo - From Idea to Product

вт 25 октября 2016,

Automation is great, it makes your life easy and freeing a lot of time.

AIPromo ( is a free AI powered content management tool. AIPromo's goal is to increase your personal brand and online presence on LinkedIn without doing anything, aka personal branding for lazy.

This project started as a cron script that had been posting links from the Internet to my LinkedIn profile for more than a year. Over time I noticed that number of visitors and views of my profile has increased while I’ve been doing nothing, just as I wanted. After a lot of requests from friends and colleagues I decided to give an easy and, lazy, way to automate this daily routine of searching and reposting of new content to keep your followers updated.

Today I'm launching AIPromo on Product Hunt. Check it out and let me know what you think

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