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10 things about 2016

чт 01 декабря 2016,

How I spent this summ^Wyear.

  1. I started this year completely burned out by working 16+ hours/day, combining daily work and a side project.

  2. Visited Portland and San Diego for the first time with friends, 12 hours of driving San Diego-Oakland was fun but very tiring - would never do it again.

  3. Good news is that I sold that project shortly in February, and after that I decided to stop doing anything tech related for next for next 8 months, and instead, learn piano and some music theory.

  4. Which leads to the next big achievement for me, I learned how to play piano and read music score, now I have one more hobbie in my life: music production, even got sound cloud (I hope Merzbow will like it).

  5. Finally visited Eastern-Asia and spend 2 weeks in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea during last summer. Liked South Korea the most, it reminds me Moscow, I will definitely spend there more time in the future. Ate a live octopus in S.Korea and best sushi ever in Tokyo.

  6. Now, when I feel recharged after a long break, I started another side project: a tool for personal branding on LinkedIn. It has got more users than all of my previous projects, I'm currently learning how to keep high retention, low churn and other non-technical areas of owning a SAAS product. Planning to start for a first time, another new project with 2nd cofounder instead of doing everything solo.

  7. Decided what I would like to work on for the next 10 years, figured out what mu speciality would be and stack of tools I want to be an expert in. In addition to Python, I want to become an expert in PostgreSQL, Salesforce and other CRMs, and ETL (realtime, non-realtime) in Marketing and Sales domains. With the increasing amount of data, salesforce becoming a platform, I think it is a pretty safe choice, plus I really enjoy working with these tools and domains for a next few years, and continue learning new tools.

  8. Started planning my time better, put everything in calendar now. Feeling much more productive and make more things done, just like this blog post. Planning to publish 1 post per week, learned and realised a lot over last year, would like to share it with people. On technical and non-technical topics.

  9. For my birthday this year I will go to NYC. I was going to try that $295 burger but everything was alredy booked. Currently trying to find alternative

  10. This was my officially 3rd year in the US, passport is not so far away

    this post has been written in Emacs

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