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Weekend, Coffeescript, HAML, SASS

вс 05 августа 2012, tags: hamlsasscoffeescript

It's a time for to improve my English! Let's talk about HAML, SASS, Coffeescript now!

Long time i like try Coffeescript in action, and in that weekend I did it. It look better than pure JavaScript, as the mixture from Python, Ruby and Haskell of languages. Now write on the "js" was nice. Also I dived in HAML and SASS :D With they I can write less code than css and html, with closing each tag. For example, all templates this site have been was rewritten on HAML, with using libraries djaml and hamlpy. for python exists good library for work with HAML -> hamlpy optimized for templates like Django-templates and Jinja2. But for SASS i not have found also excellent library. All of exists libraries are support only SCSS, but not SASS. And so I use native tool written on Ruby.

If code, written on JavaScript makes you angry, look at Coffescript, and your view to change.

Examples of code on

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