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UA Pycon

ср 31 октября 2012,

UA Pycon is done. In that year it be at 20-21 October in Kyiv. It be my first Pycon and first trip to foreign country. Way to Ukraine 12 hours with cute company.

After coming to Kyiv we and some small dinner we going to venue. Near doors we given cools t-shirt and bag with some thing from sponsors of this event.

Day 1.

Keynote! Typicaly vivas, thanks for sponsors and other.

First talk. Definitly that be Andrew Godwin and his talk "Optimising Queries For Fun And Profit". Andrew said how make query to database faster, make less queries per page, optimization. Don't forget about new methods in Django-ORM and don't limit self only simple queries, that can be important for performance.

Next. Vsevolod Solovyov, "MANAGING COMPLEXITY". Important theme for beginners, how make complex things to simple. Less spoke about functional style in Python.

Mikhail Korobov, "As we all move to Python 3.x". Very interesting talk about topical problem in Python community. Mikhail showed on slides a lot of examples and libraries that help to porting libraries to Python 3. Said about his expirience of porting to Python 3 OSS libraries.

Yay. Next talk from Python Core developer, Łukasz Langa. "Let Them Configure!" Talk about configurating. Simple and complex configs, splitting your configs to may parts (for developing, testing, production). A lot of about configuring Django.


Alexey Kachayev and his talk "Functional Programming with Python". My the most expected talk of that day. ^_^ Examples how write funcional code in python, some principles of functional programming, review of "fp" modules in python.

Andrey Vlasovskikh, "Dynamic tricks in Python". Very impressed talk, how change behavior of code in during running. And more cool triks.

Lighing talks.

Day 2.

Igor Davydenko, "In Flask we Trust". Rewiew of Flask framework. Blueprints, extensions.

Niko Skrypnik, "From Django to Pyramid". Imho. That can call simple "how to going from Django and make Django from Pyramid".

Mikhail Korobov, "How to write a fast and efficient code for Python" Talk do not matched his title. More about how author use C/C++ extensions in Python and write Python modules for it. Also how to compress 4.000.000 words in 2mb, use any structures for saving and searching, and implementation it.

Konstantine Rybnikov, "Its just too easy to make a mess". Always topical, talk about testing, using Mock. Examples, and some promotion for his library "mockstar".

Andrey Grygoryev, "Be Small and Simple" Talk about his expirience using unix tools.

Oleksii Vasiliev (Олексій Васильєв), "Using PostgreSQL in high load". Impressed talk, configure and optimise database for high load, make custom types, the new json type column in PostgreSQL, how to run javascript into db (WOW). This talk caused biggest discussion of this UA Pycon after talk.

Vladimir Kirillov, "Debugging Python Applications in Production". Also interested talk, practices debugging python applications in difficult conditions of production. Review of unix debuggers and profilers, some "easy" scripts on awk from 3 and more lines O_O.

And last talk. Andrey Zarubin, "Testing. A bit of everything" Talk for newbie in testing. How, when and why need write tests.

Lighting talks. Review, how take involved to python core development from Andrey Svetlov and more.

Thats all. For my train to Moscow left 1 hour, i'll should left UA Pycon 2012 to next time.

Thanks to all organizer for good event.

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