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Thailand summary. Spring - Autumn 2013

вт 10 сентября 2013, tags: Thailandlife

Let's try, it is my first big post after starting learning English in classes with the native speaker and using in real life.

My visit to Thailand comes to the end. Instead of one year that I wanted to live here, I spent only 5 months, even so I got all what I wanted from this trip. English - it is my main reason to fly to Thailand. Get more experience in spoken English combining with life in the awesome country, with nice people and weather.

Now I have to leave Thailand and fly to Russia for a month, to have done some paperwork and get my an immigration visa to America (as you can read in my previous posts).

Well, about Thailand. I've been living in Hua Hin. In most relaxed, expensive and secure town in the country, without crowds of tourists, with the royal residence and lots of combat ships around. Most part of time here I spent in the "relaxing mode". Less as possible actions, only relaxation on the beach, lots of English classes and work. That is exactly what I wanted, after life in Moscow and before big challenges in California (e.x. get a job in Google or Path). Or start my own project (soon will be available first private version).

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