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Next step

вс 03 февраля 2013,

So, it's a time for the next step. And one year of my live in Moscow. Perhaps, that is like belated post "what I did in this year (2012)"

Moscow. City of opportunities.

Fast life, different event, different people, and the dirt (in spring, in winter, in autumn on street so many slush). That had nice year, I was on many gigs my lover music groups (PSYCHEYA, P.T.V.P., Leaftrace, FEODOQ, EVO, Fail Emotions, Enter Shikari, Marilyn Manson, MSI and other). Worked on awesome projects e.g. with awesome peoples. Got driver license and was in traffic jam, perhaps, after Moscow roads with the fast and dense traffic, any other road in any city will very slower and comfortably for me. And the same important, I learned price of time and learned manage that. If you have goals for upgrade and improve your life, Moscow it right choice for you (for any province of Russia, of course) on one or two years, for do next step or come back.

Definitly, all my expectations from Moscow I was got.

Next. One year ago, in my plans was to live in Moscow 2 years, for get a Bachelor degree, improve English and go next. But plans is changed, slush of Moscow and my failed attempt be more socialized for time of work in office (I'm an introvert). I search more good places for the living and learning English till I study at Institute. Europe, without good English (for work) and BS degree, get the visa for long life is very hard, because my chose it Thailand. Live without visa for short time, easy getting visa for the learning (YES, I got few goals in one time, that is best choice for me, 1k$ for one year English courses (in any country in europe, that cost for one/two months of learning) and low cost life at country (2k$ for the very comfortable life), awesome weather, and sea). That best choice for me, and I decided leave Moscow and fly to Thailand for one-two years, till I finish studying at Institute. I can't to plan for longer time.

Thanks so much to all for this awesome year.

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