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Green Card. California, US

сб 11 мая 2013, tags: US

Before, in fall 2012, I have filled anket for the DV(Green Card) lottery. And recently I have got a great news, I won the green card. Green Card given me right for living and working at the US, with the following getting citizenship. Of course, I can't to lose this chance and I started preparing to relocation (that's can be some hard, because I just came to Thailand but I some have time, my interview to getting a visa will be about November-January 2013). My choice is California. Me was interesting, what about job there for me, and few days ago I have sent my CV to 4 companies. Result is surprised, I have got 3 replies. I think it OK and my main goal for this time - improve my spoken English before the relocation (now I go to English language school, and after 3 weeks after start I feel big progress in my knowledges).

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