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Dash, Python

ср 07 августа 2013, tags: pythontoolsos x

Such awesome app, Dash. I heard about it app, but my laziness has not given to try one. Finally I have tried it recently with dash-at-point mode for Emacs. Easy access to help by one hot-key, without permanent switching to browser, support of bunch libraries and languages. But unfortunately has documentation only several python libraries. So I decided to make generator for fast building docsets(this is format of library for from list of libraries what in any storage. The big lucky was to find on website of Dash developer way to publish new documentation. It was so easy, just archive docset and make xml file, and everyone can add this feed to app and automatically get updates without checking website. And I want to introduce a website where I going to publish some docsets for popular libraries from Python world: There are already several libraries, like SQLAlchemy, WebOb, Flask, peewee, fabric. You can always write to me in twitter (link in footer this website) to request new libraries for support.


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